Our mission is to help clients achieve financial independence by objectively evaluating their resources and objectives through adequate planning and periodic reviewing and monitoring to meet their important financial goals. The ultimate goal is to assist as many clients to reach financial independence and realize their dreams as much as possible.

Areas of Practice:

  • Personal Financial Planning
    • Plan periodic saving and investments to achieve financial goals.
  • Business Financial Consulting
    • Help clients draw up business plans, evaluate feasibility of business success, plan for business succession, buy-sell, assist in pension and benefit designs.
  • Retirement Planning
    • Prepare clients for comfortable retirement in golden years through careful planning, constant contributions and periodic reviews to meet retirement targets.
  • Employee Benefits
    • Help firms and their employees select the optimal benefit packages with the limited resources available.
  • Wealth Accumulation Strategies & Estate Planning
    • Assist clients in smooth transfers of assets to loved ones by potentially minimizing taxes and expenses and avoiding financial mistakes.